Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you have a website?

A. It’s my hobby, gives me something to do. It’s a form of mental health for me.


Q. What is the theme of the website?

A. I don’t have anything set in stone.


Q. Why all the old photos?

A. I had them and it provided me a starting point.


Q. Why the old song videos?

A. Some of my favorites and it provides some content.


Q. Isn’t a website expensive to operated?

A. Not at all, it’s the labor that cost and I provide that. Compared to other hobbies, it’s much cheaper and safer.


Q. Isn’t a website time consuming to maintain and operate?

A. Yes, if you make constant improvements in aesthetics, speed, and technical changes.


Q. Are website improvements performed on a regular basis?

A. There is no schedule, but most changes are noted on the Change Log.