Beginning Of The End

This is were I use to work. I really did enjoy the job while it lasted. The business was sold as the break fix model of computer services and ISP was quickly changing. The same thing happened which TV repair and VCR’s. I went though them all, but thought the computer repair would last a little longer than it has, although some repair still takes place as a business model it’s dead. It’s been the fastest and without any doubt the most destructive 10 or 15 years I have ever experienced in my life. It started around 2007 and all was fine, then in 2008 the place I worked was beginning to show signs closing down and it did. Next came some health problems. Then many friends and acquaintances started dyeing off and it hasn’t stopped and I’m sure it’s not going too, I’m just at that age now. In any case when you look around the photos most of what you see is simply gone, the chairs, the people, the dogs, the campers, etc.. Me, one dog, a little red truck and a milk crate is about all that survived the slaughter of most of what I know and now the dog is gone. The eyes of all those animals really get to me, I can’t even put it in words. Most of Henderson is a dead zone from my prospective.


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