From The Desk Of RP McGravy

Always Looking Towards The Future.

I started this website and have been writing these small utterly useless articles since my very earliest days of world institutionalization. I got started writing to help keep my mind focused on something useless like the other hobbies. Although I appreciate all the misguided help from many experts, I am still rather warped senseless about loosing possession of my beloved cigarettes, one of the few and far in-between joys of my life.

As you may have guessed by now, I’m mentally free with a state supplied frontal lobotomy that has served me well. With less brains than I use to have, I now easily setup and maintain my idiotic little personal website and occasionally write stupid brainless articles while in a small isolated, yet comfortable, sparse man-cave somewhere south of the North Pole.

As always, best of luck and may all your bananas be rotten.